Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat
Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat
Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat
Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat
Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat

Split Screen Square Weave rear hatch Mat

No spare wheel
With spare wheel
Split Screen 55 - 63
Split Screen 64 - 67
Brazilian Split Screen

Wool Pile Automotive Carpet


Splitscreen Square Weave Rear Hatch Carpet (Trunk / Tailgate)

Fits VW T1 Splitscreen Vans.

Rear hatch area changed shape slightly in 1964 when the rear door went from small door to the larger later style.

Can be ordered with or without the hole for a spare wheel (walk through buses have the spare wheel in the boot)

This Rear Hatch mat is available in the Square Weave Carpet and Edge Trim of your choice.

Our German Square Weave Carpet (Also known as Box Weave) comes in a range of 9 colours with a Latex non slip backing. We do offer a sample swatch service as selecting colours from a screen is not always ideal. Please see the TAB below for further details.

Carpet shown in first picture is Biscuit with a Sand Edge Trim.

These Square Weave Rear Hatch Carpets are generally made to order so expect delivery within 3 weeks.

Bay Window Cabmat Types

When you order Cabmats there are a few details we need to know, this will make sure that we make you the right mats.

Below are images of the three types of cabmat that fit Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window vans 1968-1979.

Please select the correct style for your van in the drop down box above.

Cabmat for a 1968 to 1972 volkswagen campervan

Style A Comes in both left and right hand drive, generally fits all vans made from August 1968 up to August 1971.




1972 was the change over year and some 72's will have early type above (small step on the bumpers not  on inside the cab) and others the later style as seen below.

Volkswagen T2 Cabmat for 1972 - 1976 camper carpet

Style B Comes in both left & right hand drive and fits all 72-79 Left hand drive vans with the cab step inside the door.




Late 72-79 Right Hand Drive Bays can have either the style B or C type mat.

This is a cabmat that will fit a Right Hand Drive VW campervan dating from 1976 to 1979

Style C Comes only in Right hand drive and is designed to fit around the accelerator rod linkage, the linkage is usually hidden with a Black plastic cover.

You may be missing this cover, If so then a Style B mat can be used however it will need a bit of fitting and adjustment around the accelerator pedal. 



If in doubt you can always send us a Whatsapp message with a couple of photos of your cab floor showing the pedal side.

Sample Service

We know how hard it can be picking the right colours and fabrics for your campervan or classic car. We offer a free UK postal sample swatch service for all of our products, to order your free samples either use our Sample Request page or call us in the office on 01536 358827 with your address and list of samples you would like to see.

We do also have a showroom that is open daily from 10am through to 3pm from Mondays to Fridays. In the showroom we samples of every material we use plus we also have lots of products made up that you are welcome to take outside and try in your campervan.