Madmatz In House Fitting Service.

We offer a full in house fitting service by on many of our products, this service is ideal for customers who either do not have a suitable location to complete the work in or maybe do not have the spare time or confidence to tackle certain jobs on their pride and joy campers or cars. Below is a list of the services with offer, click each one to see a brief description of what we can offer you along with a guide price. The reason we only list Guide Prices is that each vehicle can have varying factors like prep time, also we may offer discounts if you are thinking of having two or more products fitted at the same time and we will quote the job as a whole. 

For a firm price or to book in please either use the form at the bottom of this page or drop us an email to telling us what products you would like fitted and if your vehicle is already stripped out and ready to go or will need us to remove any existing carpets, coverings, furniture or fittings. On larger jobs we may ask you to send us a photo to help us work out how much work is involved for timescales and costings.

Click on each heading below for more details on that fitting service for your camper. Please note that these are not the only camper fitting services we offer so please do drop us a message if you would like any other Madmatz products fitted here by us in the workshop.

Car Carpet sets

We specialise in fitting German Square Weave Carpets to Volkswagen Beetles, Karmann Ghia, Type 3's and classic Porsche 356 and 911 cars, a fully fitted carpet set in square weave carpet will normally take 1-2 days to complete and the cost is around £950 all in. We also offer the same service in our Narrow Weave carpet and the costs for this is a little cheaper at around £650. Our fully fitted car carpet sets are installed with basic insulation and you will have the option to select the carpet colour, the edging colour and what style of heal pads you may require. Other options available are extra sound insulation and inner floor pan painting prior to carpet install however please note that this will add a couple of days to the on-site time.

Please contact us in the office for full details and quote for your vehicle with available fitting dates.

Camper carpet sets

All of our Camper cabmats and carpet sets available from our website can be fitted for you here in our workshop by the same guys that made them for you. A full cab carpet set including kick panels for a Bay Window or Splitscreen fitting costs start at around £100 and takes a few hours so it can be done while you wait. Or its just a cabmat then we will usually install that for you for free. While your are with us we can also make bespoke shaped carpets and rugs for the back of your camper to fit around the furniture at the same time as fitting your camper carpets.

Please contact us in the office for full details and quote for your vehicle with available fitting dates.

Bespoke shape Carpets and Rugs

We have always made bespoke shape mats and rugs for customers who send us templates however we now offer a Drive In / Drive Out service for this. It usually takes about an hour in total and you must book in with us prior, cost wise its about £15 per template plus the price of the carpet. 

To book a time slot for this template service please contact us in the office on 01536 3568827 or drop us an email to

Vinyl and tiled floors

Want a new floor covering in your camper but not sure how to go about it?  let us tackle the job for you, we are just as happy to install new flooring into an empty camper or if needs be we can remove some furniture if we have to and re-install it after. 

A Vintage Style Tiled floor installed into an empty VW Split Screen or Baywindow camper costs £300 and includes the following parts.

  • 9" Tile kit
  • Thermolay insulation
  • 9mm Plywood subfloor
  • Premium Edge Trim

Call us to book in, the process takes just over half a day and you would be welcome to wait in our customer lounge if you wanted to, we have free tea and coffee from the machine, hundreds of old VW magazines to flick through and free WIFI to keep you occupied. 

Please contact us for costs of any of our other stock floor coverings to be install and also if you have furniture fitted in your camper. 

curtain rails and curtains

We all need curtains in our campers, but a badly fitting set can be a right royal pain in the arse at bedtime or first thing in the morning. We can fit you a set fitting set of our Micro Camper Curtain rails with curtains that glide effortlessly and stay where you want them with secured tie backs. We can also hang a brand new set of curtains from our range or fit your existing curtains with new hooks and gliders if they need them. 

A fitted curtain track set in the rear of a Volkswagen Split Screen Bay or Type 25 costs £145 plus an extra £50 if you would like the front cab section doing as well. This price includes the new Micro Camper Track, gliders, hooks, fixings and the fitting.

This work usually takes a couple of hours and can be done while you wait in our customer lounge with free Tea and Coffee from the machine while checking out our huge pile of old VW mags or connecting to our free WIFI 

Contact us in the office to book your camper in for this fitting service.

vehicle graphics and side stripes

Our range of retro side stripes all come delivered with a set of fitting instructions and they are reasonably easy to apply yourself if you take your time, however we do appreciate that for some people its not that straight forward as they may not have the space or time to do it their selves. The cost for us to apply a set of Retro Side stripes to your ride start at £60 for a pair of the Twin Stripes and go up to £135 for a set of the Duo or Trio Side Stripes with front and Back extensions. This job can be done while you wait, and will take a few hours depending on the kit you select. Message us with a few details for a fixed price and available dates.

trim panels and door cards

We can fit any of our upholstered trim panels, ABS panels or Plywood panels in your camper, from a quick pair of front door cards while you wait right through to a full set of Waxed Plywood panels including the roof lining. While we are fitting the panels we can also install both sound and thermal insulation. Pricing for this service is a little harder because there are so many variables involved, the best way to get the ball rolling is to message us with what you would like and also what is currently in your van or camper like existing panels and furniture.

If you are interested in having any of our camper interior products or vehicle graphics fitted by us here in to workshop please complete the form below telling us what you would like and also what you currently have in your camper or car, this will help us to give you an accurate price and also possible dates for booking in. 

Please give us an idea of how quickly you would like to have the works done
Please give us as much information as possible about what products you would like fitting.
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