The Cabby Box

Cabby Box logo, buddy seat for vw bay window and T25 campersMadmatz Cabby Box

We have been making & selling these great little buddy boxes for many years now, they have had a few names and a few design changes over time but the one thing that never changes is how useful they are. The large storage compartment is ideal for storing all those bits and bobs you like to have with you while driving and a pair of cup holders make this a must have accessory for trips out in your campervan. 

Our Cabby Boxes can be ordered either with or without an upholstered seat. We also sell the upholstered seats top separately for those looking to upgrade a standard box.

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Naked Cabby Box

Paint it - Sticker it - do what you want to it!!

Original Cabby Box

The Cabby Box by Madmatz (A legend in the making)


Cabby with an Upholstered Seat

Useful and comfortable

Cabby Box Seat

Treat your Cabby to a new upholstered seat top.

Cabby with a Logo Seat

Cabby Box with a Loged Seat

Cabby Box Seat with Logo

19 Colours with a stitched on logo

Cabby with Basket Weave Vinyl Seat

Choice of Brown or Black Seats

Cabby Seat Basket Weave

Classic 70's Styling Available in 3 Colours

Cabby with Seat - Date and logo

Celebrate the Year of your Bus.

Cabby Seat - Date and logo

Celebrate the Year of your Bus.

Westfalia Cabby with a seat

A Buddy Box for your Westy with cup holders.

Cabby Westfalia Seat

Westy Plaid Seat Top