VW Split Screen

Carpet mat set in VW Splitscreen Camper Van, showing cabmat and kick panels.Splitscreen Cab Carpet swatch for mat sets and cabmats

Our Natural Sisal range of Cabmats and Carpet sets for Volkswagen T1 Splitscreen campers and panel vans.

We have been manufacturing carpet sets and cabmats from Sisal for VW Split Screen campers and buses since 2006, this hard wearing natural material is a great addition to any camper.

All of our Sisal carpet and mat sets are made to order allowing you the option to select your weave and edge trim colour to match the interior of your Splitscreen. As well as our front cab carpet sets we also make matching rear hatch mats and cargo area rugs that can be personalised with any text you would like.

18 Items
Sisal Split Screen Mat Set 1

Sisal Cab set for Bench Seat or 2+1 Front Seat Buses

Sisal Split Screen Walk Through Mat Set

Sisal Cab set for Walk Through Buses

Sisal Split Screen Full Carpet Set For Walk Through Bus

Sisal mat set with kick panels for Walk Through Cab Buses

Sisal Split Screen Mat Set 2

Sisal mat set with kick panels for Bench Seat and 2+1 Front Seat Buses

Sisal Cabmat VW Split Screen

Sisal Cabmat

Sisal Splitscreen Kick Panels

Sisal Split Screen Kick Panels

Sisal Split Screen Rear Hatch Carpet

Sisal Rear Hatch Mat

Personalised Sisal Mat in 3 Sizes

Sisal Mat, 3 Sizes, 7 Designs, Your Text

Sisal Carpet Mat

Sisal Mat Available in 3 Sizes

Sisal Split Screen Cargo Mat

Sisal Full Cargo Area Mat

Sisal Split Screen Centre Mat

Sisal mat centre under set section

Sisal Split Screen Seat Stand Sides

For Walk Through Splitscreens

Sisal Split Screen Wheel Arch Cover

Sisal Wheel Arch Covers

Sisal Split Screen Walk Through

Sisal Walk Through Mat

Sisal Carpet off the Roll

Sisal carpet for home trimming

Split Screen Thermo Cab Floor Liner

Dual Layer Insulator

Thermo Cab Floor Liner For Walk Through

Dual Layer Insulator

Sisal Rear Mat VW Double Cab

Natural Sisal Mat Rear Passenger

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