VW Bay Window

Our Rubber Cabmats and Over Mats for VW T2 Baywindow Campers and Panel Vans

Our fluted Rubber Type 2 Bay Window Cabmats are cut in house on our roller beam press using Die Cut knifes made using original VW mats as patterns. We also make matching rubber Mats for the Dash Tops, walkthroughs and rear hatch, all these mats come bound to outer edge of the mats with a Herringbone cloth tape for a neat finish. We also sell the rubber off the roll and in various cut sizes for other uses.

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Baywindow Rubber Cabmat

Rubber Cabmat for VW T2

Rubber Mat VW Bay Rear Hatch

Ribbed Rubber Rear Hatch Mat

Rubber Dash Mat

Simple and effective

Rubber Walk through VW Bay

Ribbed Rubber Walk Through Mat

Bay Cab Floor liner

Dual Layer Insulator

Thermo Cab Floor Liner For Walk Through

Dual Layer Insulator

Type 2 Double Cab Rubber Rear Mat
Type 2 Double Cab Rubber Rear Mat

Ribbed Rubber Mat Rear Passenger