Splitscreen Plywood Panels

Madmatz Splitscreen Plywood Interior Panels

Our Plywood trim panels for Volkswagen Type 2 Splitscreen campers and Buses. Made using 4mm Birch and precision cut on our own CNC router these are a faithful reproduction shape of your original VW panels. Full sets or individual parts can be bought. 

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Split Screen Plywood Panel Set

High quality panel set for home trimming

Split Screen Ply Front Panels

Plywood Door Panels

Splitscreen Plywood Rear Panel Set
Split Screen Plywood Kick Panels

Birch Ply Kick Panels

Plywood Cargo Door Panels

Split Screen Cargo

Splitscreen Ply Tailgate Panel

Birch Faced Plywood Tailgate Panel

Splitscreen Plywood Side Panel

Birch Faced Plywood Large Side Panel

Splitscreen Plywood Rear Quarter Panels

Birch Faced Plywood Panels

VW Interior door Panel Cups & Screws
VW Interior door Panel Cups & Screws

Stainless Slotted Screws and Cup Washers

Split Screen Map Pocket
Split Screen Map Pocket

Grey Leather Grain ABS

Split Screen Rear Interior Corner Panels

Upper and Lower panels in Milboard or ABS