Micro Curtain Rail Sets
Micro Curtain Rail Sets
Micro Curtain Rail Sets
Micro Curtain Rail Sets
Micro Curtain Rail Sets

Micro Curtain Rail Sets

Set 1 = 3m Length
Set 2 = 6.3m Length
Set 3 = 9.3m Length

Extra curtain rail accessories are always available.


Madmatz Micro Curtain Track Sets

Our money saving rail sets come complete with Gliders, End stops, Zinc plated hooks and Rail fixing screws.

  • Set 1 - 2 x 1.5m Rails, 40 Gliders, 44 Hooks, 12 Rail fixing screws & 4 End stops. Ideal for camper front cabs £40
  • Set 2 - 4 x 1.2m + 1 x 1.5m Rails, 84 Gliders, 94 Hooks, 30 Rail fixing screws & 10 End stops. Ideal for camper living space. £80
  • Set 3 - 4 x 1.2m + 3 x 1.5m Rails, 124 Gliders, 138 Hooks, 45 Rail fixing screws & 14 End stops.  This set goes all the way round a VW type camper. £110
Powder coated in white, pre drilled and supplied with nylon gliders that glide effortlessly even around corners
Ideal for use in all camper vans, motor homes, trucks & caravans.
This Aluminum track is easy to install and will survive the test of time unlike the cheaper plastic versions. Bending is possible with our Bent It tool.

Compatible with Silent Gliss 1025


Sample Service

We know how hard it can be picking the right colours and fabrics for your campervan or classic car. We offer a free UK postal sample swatch service for all of our products, to order your free samples either use our Sample Request page or call us in the office on 01536 358827 with your address and list of samples you would like to see.

We do also have a showroom that is open daily from 10am through to 3pm from Mondays to Fridays. In the showroom we samples of every material we use plus we also have lots of products made up that you are welcome to take outside and try in your campervan.