Winter is coming...

Friday, 3 November 2017  |  Mark

So - I have just been down to the workshop and noticed that AD is actually wearing a jumper - so that is it - we can now officially state winter has arrived.

With all the fun we had in our various rigs this summer both as a team and individually none of us relish the idea of admitting to ourselves that that there are no more spontaneous trips to the seaside etc for the next few months and that there are now a few jobs we need to complete to ensure we can get out on the road the minute the good (!?) weather returns.

The first job is to get outside and empty those cupboards. Dried rice meals in a bag are all well and good in emergencies but after a bit of damp has got to them over winter - clearing the mess out of the cupboard in spring time always deters me from actually eating it the following year and the same cycle continues!

It is also recommended to bring in all your lovely soft furnishings. Of course this is not always possible so if it has to stay in the bus - try and place it centrally so it has air circulating through and around to minimise damp and condensation damage. You can purchase dehumidifiers from a number of local shops or the more traditional bowls of salt placed in the bus. Whichever method you chose - do be sure to check / empty them regularly.

If you have onboard water tanks / sink - do make sure to drain and empty. The temperature doesn't need to drop too low to cause the water in your bus to freeze and the subsequent water damage that can occur from burst containers can prove pretty expensive.

Once the interior is cleaned and empty - it is worth giving the exterior a brief check over and clean and then it is time to tuck it into it's Stormforce cover!

All Storm Force covers feature a 4 layer fabric construction that includes a strong, robust outer layer, padded second layer and a soft inner lining against the paintwork.  Sandwiched in the middle is a special waterproof/breathable membrane that allows damp & moisture to escape from the covered vehicle whilst ensuring that rain and snow do not penetrate the cover.

Though of course - if you are anything like us - you will hear the word "snow" on your local weather forecast and immediately unwrap and plan where you can pose your bus to ensure get the best photos....