Thursday, 5 January 2017  |  Mark

So as we start the New Year many of us have 'resolutions' and no doubt we all share the same one - Get out and use our vans more.

Also like us - you probably leave it all until the last minute and inevitably the night before your first trip you think of all the things you wish you had updated / changed / replaced etc. So why not use that New Year optimism to get out and start planning.

Now is the time to go out and spend a couple of hours re -acquainting yourself and checking the condition of it all now so that you are ready to go when the weather man says summer has arrived - in March!

Did you leave your curtains in over winter and the damp has got to them? Maybe you just feel like a change?
We have a huge range on our website Here. All of which are professionally made from top quality fabrics and you can choose the arrangements that suit you best.

It is now also the ideal time to empty and clean out all of your cupboards - check nothing has been hibernating in them, or worse still eating it's way through anything.
Once cleaned - how about planning which things belong in which cupboard or if you don't even have cupboards yet, Madmatz are the right people to sort that for you.

Have you seen our BusPod Compacts?

A selection of our range
Available with a range of options in a great variety of colours to suit both the Classics and more modern T5 / T6 conversions.

Other ranges are in the pipeline too - so if you don't see something that takes your fancy - be sure to contact us either by 'phone on 01536 358 827 during office hours or email

And with that note - we can tick another box in our New Years Resolution chart - "Remember to blog more often!" and get back to the other exciting things we have waiting in our workshop!

Happy New Year