Prepping - Hannah style!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019  |  Hannah

I am not sure about you - but all these cold grey days are leaving me longing for the start of touring season but I know that when it comes to the first trip out I will suddenly be reminded of all the things I "meant" to do over winter.

So my New Years resolution (OK - so my history of resolutions is not great...) is to ensure I am prepared in advance.

What that actually means is: get hubby to book the van in for a service, get hubby to clean the interior and exterior and fix all the broken bits whilst I start perusing the internet for all the "nice bits".

For me - one of my favourite parts of 'camping' is sitting out watching the sun set with a nice glass of something in my hand surrounded by beautiful items and hubby doing all the blue jobs.

And what's more beautiful than furnishings?
Some of the eagle eyed Madmatz followers may have spotted the new area on our website - and whilst we have yet to officially launch it - some of our beautiful bunting / tablecloths / cushions are available to purchase online here:

We will of course, be adding items to this area over time but as all of the items are (proudly) made by us, at home in the UK it takes some time to get from sewing machine to website.
If there are any items you require that you don't currently see listed - do please feel free to contact us either on our 'contact us' form here: or by telephone on 01536 35 88 27.

Whilst sat out in your van on your drive (please tell me I am not the only one that does this?) and planning your summer trips - be sure to have a check of your curtains. If they have been left in over winter there is a fair chance that moisture may have affected them and whilst there are harsh chemical mold removers available, sometimes those stains are just too ingrained to shift and to be honest - new curtains can totally revamp the whole look - make it feel like a whole new van at a relatively low cost.

This is where I conveniently mention that we have recently added considerably to the range fabrics available to purchase in our curtain department (Though if you are reading this 3 days before you go away - we do have a small section of ready made curtains here: )

As someone who prefers to stay within the UK - there is of course that small issue of weather.... but we thought of that too! We now have a range of Vango awnings available on our site

From spacious hexagonal gazebo type awnings (Party tent!?) to slimline sun canopies that afford that little extra protection from the elements, or somewhere for the husband to sleep when the snoring gets too much!

We do hope to get together a blog soon on prepping seriously for the start of the season - but for now - I have thorough enjoyed mentioning just a few of the things on my wish list.