Devon Edge gets edgey

Friday, 3 February 2017  |  Mark

In a recent blog we showed just how versatile our Madmatz 9" vinyl tiles can be and it set us looking at how other Madmatz items were being utilised.
One of our newer product lines 'Devon edge' trim is a prime example. Used by ourselves to recreate iconic interiors we felt that it was a product usable by others to create similar results and began to offer it both on the website and on our ebay store.

More colours quickly followed and we are always open to suggestions for other colours.

One of our recent customers purchased a large quantity and spoke of how he had 'double stacked it'. Of course our interest was piqued and we asked for photos and wow. It was a definite - 'how comes we never thought of that' moment. (Maybe because we don't create too many American diners but never say never...!)

American Diner Style

Another customer (also another "Rich") kindly shared photos of how he used his. Whilst it will be used traditionally in this rather gorgeous bus  - the table he trimmed is by no means traditional!

Shaped like a surf board they are made by a company "Dubtastics Designs mini Surfboards"
Check out his website

Thanks to Rich we know that our 2.3m edge trim is a perfect size allowing for a little extra.
The Black is on our website here but also check out our Ivory,  Burgundy and Grey trims!

So - whilst we may have missed our blog last week (maybe once a week was a tad hopeful when busy times are just starting), maybe you may get spoiled with 2 this week.... watch this space!