Ahead of the track

Friday, 23 February 2018  |  Hannah

So they say things come round likes buses (pardon the pun) but this last week has been more like spending 24 hours in a bus station with the amount of track that has left Madmatz HQ!

Always one of our consistent sellers throughout the year - we can now almost predict the weekly weather forecast by how many we sell each weekend with 19 different lengths going out in one single day last week. In fact at one point last week the thought of seeing another piece of track threatened to push me over some form of edge but for me to then, by my own volition to choose to write a blog about it astounds even me!

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is - "Will it bend?" and done correctly - "yes it will" We bend it ourselves around the various types of cabs BUT there are a number of factors.
Due to the lip that the gliders pass through it cannot bend too far or the gliders will fall out and if you are fixing it direct to a ceiling it cant be bent due to the same lip / gliders.

For the use of bending we recommend, and again - use our selves is our Bend it! tool. The photo also illustrates the kind of bend you can comfortably achieve yourself.

Another question is "can the lengths be joined together?"
Each end of the track is flat so they can be butted together but we do not have a specific way of actually joining together but just butted up to each other is normally enough for the gliders to pass through.

When purchasing Curtain track from us - each length comes complete with End Stops, Gliders and hooks though should you require more all these items can be purchased online here.

It is pre drilled so the only thing you will need are some no 2 pan head self tapping 20mm screws which can also be purchased on our online shop here. (The holes are pre-drilled approx every 13cms so approximately 8 per metre ).

Whilst we sell this predominantly for VW Campers, caravans and motorhomes we regularly sell it to the boating fraternity, equine transporters and a number of retailers purchase for use in changing rooms etc. We have even sold it to film studios for use in major blockbusters!

Some people (like in our own T5) use track above and below the windows to secure the curtains and prevent them flapping around too. In fact the possibilities are almost endless.
If you have used our track in an unusual way - please do feel free to send us photos either on email or via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bugs.n.buses/

So - the fact that I feel I can find enough words to fill a blog doesn't necessarily astound me as much frighten me and I shall now sign off to try and recover.

Don't forget if you want to see anything else on our blog just drop us a line on 01536 358827 or contact us via the website.