2017 - part 2

Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Mark

As promised - part 2 of just a few of our 2017 highlights brings us back to another of our wedding conversions and as usual - it was a pleasure to work with the guys at Peartree Weddings.

Alfies interior was rather contemporary in grey with white and creams.

Again this was a full interior with the L shaped seating that proves itself to be perfect for the wedding market and allows for the photographers to work some real magic with the Brides etc.
Alfie was heavily personalised with us being able to provide an engraved parcel shelf and our in house upholsterer also embriodered the bolster cushions.

It was a prime opportunity to get photos for our website of our Dash Tray Mats and finally get them onto the website as a purchasable product.
These handy mats are great to stop all your essentials rolling around quite so much round the corners!

It also included our iconic 9" vinyl tiles which prove so practical in these vehicles and the the Logo tile allows for the brand to be carried throughout.

Next was a real show stopper - Mikes glorious 57 Oval.

This project included a full seat set, door cards and carpets.
The interior panels were covered in a faux Rhino hide effect which we liked so much - we made a spare set that  were recently reduced on our website here.

It was carpeted throughout in one of our most durable carpets -  Narrow Weave but  this colour beige gives a real show quality look to it.

We were delighted to see that the car was placed in the Top 10 at VW action in 2017!


October was filled with a fun Danbury and it actually had a whole blog to itself here


And so we finished our year with the somewhat festive Red Bay"Ruby" belonging to Simon & Rachel.

Of course there could be no other colour interior for her, so we made full use of our Rosso Red tiles and Cherry Red vinyls and we incorporated, as requested the racing stripe in the front door cards and front seats.

This was almost a full house from our BusPod range Buspod Compact, Slim Jim and Cabby Box.

One of the only parts missing was our Buddy Seat, but thankfully due to the portable nature of them, this is something that can always be added at a later date.
Of course should you require one yourself - they can be ordered direct from the website but we also have just made available one of our Ex -Display buddy seats at a bargain price in our clearance section.

So as you can see - 2017 part 2 had some very exciting classic projects too but of course in typical Madmatz style - that wasn't nearly enough to keep the boys hands from getting idle... Behind the scenes - our more futuristic conversion was taking place - but I am suspecting that is also probably worthy of a post of its own ... and will hopefully keep you all coming back to find out more.....


Though in the meantime - check out the new T5/6 cabmats that adorned the above mentioned project here!