Madmatz 9" Vinyl Tile Packs

Madmatz 9'' Vinyl Tile Packs
First Tile Colour: CharcoalFirst Tile Colour: CloverFirst Tile Colour: DaybreakFirst Tile Colour: Ice
First Tile Colour: NeptuneFirst Tile Colour: SapphireFirst Tile Colour: SurfFirst Tile Colour: Wedgewood
First Tile Colour: IvoryFirst Tile Colour: HessianFirst Tile Colour: MochaFirst Tile Colour: Walnut

Madmatz 9" Vinyl tiles come in packs of 10 and each pack will cover half a square metre.

See our Tile Fitting Tips tab at the bottom of the page.

Your tiled floor can also be enhanced with our optional design tiles and edge trims.

Optional design tiles come in pairs and will come in the colours you order in the tile kit, If you would like other colours in your design tiles then please use the separate listing for them.

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Select your chosen colour from the boxes below then select the amount of packs you need followed by any extra options.



Our Price:  £11.00

Madmatz 9" tiles were originally produced for a customer who wanted to match the original flooring fitted to Split Screen Devon conversions dating back to the early 1960's. These days they are being used in vehicles of all ages by owners that are looking for a real retro feel. Madmatz 9" tiles are made from heavy duty vinyl flooring and are very hard wearing, we do however recommend that you use Madmatz floor polish on them to give a nice shine & protect them from scratches.

Creating a great looking checker vinyl floor in your campervan is quite a simple task here are a few tips for you to follow.

Preparation - Your checkered tiled floor will only look as good as the sub floor you start with. When we fit floors in vans we always start with a Closed Cell underlay followed by a new sheet of 9mm Plywood. This will give you a great base to start with, however it is possible to cover over some existing floors but you will need to understand what your doing and that it may need a different type of adhesive to the one we usually recommend, it will certainly change the "open time" of the adhesive.

Adhesive - Select the right adhesive for your installation, we have spent time and money trialing different types of adhesives. We now recommend that our tiles are fitted with Madmatz Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Flooring Adhesive it even comes with a spreader to make sure your have the right amount of adhesive on the floor.

Fitting - Its a fairly simple task made easier if you have done your floor preparation. Read through the fitting guide, mark out your starting point and take your time. Take note of the adhesive open times, start to early laying into wet adhesive and your tiles will slide around while fitting and you may get adhesive come up between the tiles.

Finishing Up - Once you have laid your new floor clean off any adhesive that may have got onto the tiles then apply a few coats of Madmatz Floor Polish, this will protect your floor and give it a lovely shine.

Sample Service

We know how hard it can be picking the right colours and fabrics for your campervan or classic car. We offer a free sample swatch service for all of our products, to order your free sample either call us in the office on 01536 358827 or use our Sample Request page.

Lead Times

Some of our products are stock items and some are made to order, below is a general guide to how long it will take to receive your order.

Once you place your order we will send you an email confirming the current lead time on your items. If you need your order within a certain time frame please call us in the office to discuss before ordering.

Vinyl Tiles / Vinyl sheet  / Lining carpet / Curtain rails / Accessories & Gift Vouchers
Stock Items normally sent next working day.

Rubber mats / Natural mats / Narrow weave mats
Made to order normally sent out in 2-3 weeks

Curtains & Cushions
Made to order normally sent out in 4-6 weeks depending on fabric availability.

Rock & Roll Beds

We sometimes have them is stock however during busy times they will be made to order, please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Seat covers / Trim panels / Rock & Roll beds.
All made to order normally sent out in 4-6 week however this can vary greatly during show season.

Vehicle Graphics
Stock designs will usually ship the next working day. Cut to order graphics will normally be sent within 4 days.

BusPod Boxes
Generally made to order and can take up to 3 weeks.

As I am sure you appreciate we do have certain times of the year that we are extremely busy and we do our very  best to keep up with orders, however very occasionally things do not always go as we would like and delays can happen please bare this in mind if your order is running later than planed.

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